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Athena Gaming Pubg Mobile
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Short Biography
Real NameLee Hyeong Seob
Date of Birth29 August
Place of BirthSouth Korea
CountrySouth Korea
NationalityRepublic of Korea
PUBG NameSerioton
PUBG ID694984807
K/D RationNone
DeviceiPad Pro 10.5
ControlsFour Finger Claw
Social Media                                                                                        
Athena Gaming Face Revealed

Athena PUBG Player Biography

Athena is a famous Korean Gamer. Athena is the founder of Athena Gaming Channel. He was born in South Korea. He has 1.5 million + subscribers on his youtube channel. Athena is a very most popular gaming channel in South Korea. He is famous because of PUBG Mobile. Athena had played so many PUBG tournaments and he also won the tournament. His channel name is ATHENA Gaming. He made his Youtube Channel on 9 March 2014. Athena Gaming Youtube Channel is growing very fast. Lots of people subscribe to his YouTube channel every day and almost his every video crosses more than 200k views.

Athena Gaming Pubg Mobile Star Challenge Win

Interesting Facts about Athena

  • Athena is a Korean Garner.
  • He is the favorite player of Soul Mortal.
  • He didn’t reveal his real face.
  • He plays with four fingers.

Athena Sensitivity

• Camera Free Look Sensitivity 
3rd Person Camera : 70
Camera                       : 100
1st Person Camera  : 70

• Camera
3rd Person No Scope   : 100
1st Person No Scope    : 88
2x Scope                          : 44
3x Scope                          : 18
Red Dot, Holographic  : 53
4x Scope                          : 10
6x Scope                          : 7
8x Scope                          : 5

• ADS Sensitivity
3rd Person No Scope  : 100
1st Person No Scope   : 88
2x Scope                         : 44
3x Scope                         : 18
Red Dot, Holographic : 53
4x Scope                         : 13
6x Scope                         : 10
8x Scope                         : 8

• Gyroscope
2x Scope                         : 39
3x Scope                         : 18
Red Dot, Holographic : 40
4x Scope                         : 6
6x Scope                         : 2
8x Scope                         : 2

Athena Popular Videos

This is the most viewed PUBG Mobile video of Tacaz.

SLR Mastered Gameplay


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