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Pakistani PUBG Player
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Short Biography
Real NameZubair Khan
Age 18 Years Old
Date of Birth05 August 2000
PUBG NameFyme / Predator
PUBG ID5369459460
K/D RationNot Known 
Clan NameFyme Clan
ControlsFour Fingers Claw
DeviceiPhone 8 Plus
Social Media                                                                                        
Instagram  yt_predator

Famous Pakistani Youtuber

Predator PUBG Biography

In this article, you’re going to know about Predator. Predator is a Pakistani Youtuber. His real name is Zubair. He was born in Pakistan. He is famous because of PUBG Mobile. Zubair is the founder of Predator Gaming Youtube Channel. He started his youtube channel on 11 September 2017. Now He has 190k+ subscribers on his youtube channel. Predator is a very popular gaming channel in Pakistan. He is a very well-known PUBG Mobile Player. He made world record with most kills in PUBG Mobile Game. He uploads videos about PUBG on his channel. His youtube channel is growing very fast. Almost his every video cross more than 50k + views.

Predator PUBG Mobile Player

Facts  about Predator

  • Predator is a Pakistani Gamer.
  • Lots of people blaming about him He is a hacker.
  • His Clan name is Fyme. Fyme clan members play lots of pubg tournaments.
  • He started his Youtube Channel on 11 September 2017.
  • He has a good friendship with Sneak Gaming.

Most Searched Questions about Predator:

  • Who is Predator?
  • Ans: Predator is a famous Pakistani Gamer. He upload videos about PUBG and He got fame because of PUBG.

  •  What is the real name of Predator?
  • Ans: The real name of Predator is Zubair.

  • Which phone/emulator does Predator use?
  • Ans: iPhone 8 Plus

  •  How much does Predator earn?
  • Ans: Not Known

Predator Popular Videos

These are some popular videos of Predator.

1. Almost New World Record 42 Kills - Duo vs Squads | Predator
2. Pakistani Pro Players - 30 Kills


  1. Hacker bitch lol....
    Gets Ban every Season..
    dont call him Gamer.

    1. o ja oy us ke live stream dekh ly ab per bat kr


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