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Panda Pubg Mobile Player
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Short Biography
Real NameTobias Näslund
Place of BirthSweden
PUBG NamePanda
PUBG ID5178659321
K/D RationDon't Know
Clan NameNot in Clan
Controls4 Fingers Claw
Social Media                                                                                        
Instagram  pubgmobile_panda

Panda - Pubg Mobile

Panda PUBG Wiki/Bio

In this post, I'm going to share some information about Panda Pubg Player. Panda Pubg real name is Tobias Naslund. He is also known as Blue Panda. Panda Pubg was born in Sweden in 1997 on 19 June. According to his date of birth, he is 22 years old. He uploads videos about PUBG Mobile Game. He has a very high amount of subscribers on his youtube channel. Panda Pubg youtube channel is a very famous gaming channel. He has up to 4 million subscribers on his youtube channel. Tobias Naslund is the owner of Panda PUBG Mobile youtube channel. Mostly his subscribers from India that’s why he changed his flag Sweden to India. Panda Pubg is not in any Pubg Clan. He plays PUBG Mobile on iPad. He uses Four Fingers Claw to Play PUBG Mobile.

Want to Know Why Pro Players Play on iOS Devices:

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Lesser Known Facts about Panda Pubg Mobile

  • Panda Pubg is from Sweden.
  • He is also known as Blue Panda.
  • He has Two Youtube Channels, Panda Pubg Mobile and Blue Panda.
  • According to my research, He never played Any Pubg Tournament and Crew Challenge.
  • He is not any clan.

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Most Searched Questions about Panda Pubg 

Who is Panda Pubg Mobile?
Ans: Panda Pubg Mobile is a famous PUBG  Mobile player. He is from Sweden and He is 22 years old.

What is the real name of Panda Pubg?
Ans: The real name of Panda Pubg is Tobias Näslund.

Which device Panda Pubg use to play Pubg?
Ans: iPad

How much Panda Pubg or Blue Panda earn from youtube
Ans; He earns about $2 million.

Is Panda Pubg a hacker?
Ans: No

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Panda Popular Pubg Videos

These are some most famous videos of Panda Pubg.

1. Am I a Cheater? HandyCam Video by Panda Pubg Mobile

2. Panda Pubg Sniper Only Challenge | 26 Kills | PUBG Mobile


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