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Atro Pubg
ATRO Famous Arabic PUBG Mobile Player

Short Biography
Real NameNot Known
Known asAtro/اترو
AgeApproximately 26
Place of BirthIraq
PUBG Nameحاقد؟
PUBG ID5587557062
Crew NameNot in a Crew
Social Media                                                                                        
Instagram  atro55

Atro/اترو Pubg Biography

In this post I'm going to tell you about Atro. Atro is the most famous PUBG Mobile Arabic Player, He is from Iraq. But he lives in Netherlands. Approximately, Atro is 26 years old. He comes to No.1 Famous Pubg Mobile Player of Arab. He plays PUBG Mobile on Emulator. His Youtube channel name is ATRO. He started his Youtube Channel at 3 July 2017. He has about 7.5 million subscribers on his Youtube channel. He is the 2nd most famous PUBG Mobile Youtuber after Dynamo Gaming, Atro is the 2nd most famous Pubg Mobile Player. He has the Most Popularity in PUBG Mobile from the World. His clan name is Atro and the clan tag is ATR, It's a very famous PUBG Mobile Clan of Arab.
Atro Pubg Photo

Lesser Known Facts about Atro/اترو

  • Atro is from Iraq.
  • Atro lives in Netherlands.
  • He play PUBG Mobile on PC.
  • He is 2nd most famous Pubg Mobile Player.
  • He has the Most Popularity in PUBG Mobile.
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Most Searched Questions about Atro

Who is Atro/ اترو ببجی?
Ans: Atro is the Most Famous Pubg Mobile Player from Iraq. He has the most Popularity from All Pubg Players.

What is the name of Atro's Youtube Channel?
Ans: Atro's Youtube Channel name is أترو/Atro

What is the real name of Atro/اترو?
Ans: Not Known
Which phone does Atro use?
Ans: PC (Emulator)
How much the net worth of Atro?
Ans: According to Atro net worth is about 2 Million Dollars ($2M).

Atro Popular Videos

These are some most famous videos of Atro/اترو.

1. The Ghost Settles an Ambush in Pubg

2. Meeting a 10 Years Old Hacker | PUBG Mobile

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