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Paulo Dybala Pubg Mobile

Short Biography
NamePaulo Dybala
Full NamePaulo Bruno Exequiel Dybala
Age26 Years Old (15 Nov 1993)
Place of BirthLaguna Larga
PUBG NameTQLaCobra
PUBG ID5216302721
Crew NameJuventus0001
ControlsNot Known 
DeviceNot Known
Social Media                                                                                        
Instagram  paulodybala

Paulo Dybala Biography

In this post I’m going to tell you about Paulo Dybala. Paulo Dybala is the Famous and Professional Footballer from Argentina. He lives in Laguna Larga. Laguna Larga is the small city in Argentina. He was born in 1994 at 23 November. He is 26 Years Old. He belongs from the Christian Family.

Paulo Dybala started playing PUBG Mobile from Season 3 (Around 1.5 years ago), According to Paulo Dybala Pubg Id. Paulo Dybala pubg popularity is around 2 million. His clan name is Fox Hound & he is the Elite of this Clan.

Famous Pubg Mobile Players followed him and play with him. Recently, he participated in PUBG Mobile Global Extreme Challenge and he played with famous Pubg Mobile Players. 

Paulo Dybala Pubg ID

Paulo Dybala Pubg ID Number is 5216302721.
Paulo Dybala Pubg Name is TQLaCobra.

Paulo Dybala Pubg ID
Paulo Dybala Pubg Id Number

Paulo Dybala Pubg Stats

Paulo Dybala usually plays in Europe Squad Tpp. In this season he played around 300 matches and he did around 80 Chicken Dinners. His K.D ratio is around 4, According to Paulo Dybala KD ration he becomes Pro Players. 

Interesting Facts about Paulo Dybala

  • Paulo Dybala is the famous Footballer.
  • He lives in Argentina.
  • He is 26 Years Old.
  • According to Paulo Dybala Pubg Id, he was started pubg from Season 3.
  • Paulo Dybala participated in PUBGM Global Extreme Challenge.

Most Searched Questions about Paulo Dybala

Who is Paulo Dybala?
Ans: Paulo Dybala is the famous Argentine Footballer & nowadays Pubg Mobile Player also.
What is the Youtube Channel of Paulo Dybala?
Ans: Yet, he don’t have his Youtube Channel.
Which phone does Paulo Dybala use?
Ans: Not Known
How much the net worth of Paulo Dybala?
Ans: Paulo Dybala net worth is around $40 Million.

Paulo Dybala’s Pubg Video

These are the some PUBG Mobile Videos of Paulo Dybala.

Levinho Playing with Paulo Dybala

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