How to Download PUBG Mobile Beta Version in Android

In this article I’m going to tell you How to Download PUBG Mobile BETA Version on Android.

How to Download PUBG Mobile Beta Version

I hope you are doing fine. So, We are gonna talk about PUBG Mobile BETA Version in this article. Before moving to main topic you should know What is PUBG Mobile Beta Version!

What is PUBG Mobile Beta Version?

A BETA Version is an app or software or a game, in our case it’s a PUBG Mobile, it is actually an immature or under-development edition of a software or a game which is to be launched in near future.

BETA version is usually provided to its users. And these user provide feedback to its developers about the app while using it. It helps in the fixing various performance issues, bugs, and glitches which users face while using BETA version. 

In this way, the developer get help to gets furnished and launched as an official version.

Let’s move to our main topic which is How to PUBG Mobile Beta Version in Android.

How to Download Pubg Mobile Beta Version on Android

Follow all these steps to Download Pubg Mobile Beta Version on Android.

Step 1: Search "Apk installer by uptodown" in the Play Store.

Step 2: After getting it, install it.

Step 3: After Installing go to the your web browser and  search PUBG Mobile BETA Version on Google, you will see a link from the "uptodown"(website). 

Step 4: Open it and download Latest version

Step 5: After downloading completes, you have to open APK Installer, then tap the "Install App" button.

Step 6: You will see the downloaded PUBG BETA file. Open it, and it will unzip the file and install the app.

Step 7; Allow installation from unknown source from the Settings.

Step 8: Then Tap install 

Step 9: After installation, go to Game Launcher & you will see BETA PUBG Mobile.

Step 10: Tap open. All you have done open and enjoy it.

Note: It takes a while for the first time, you guys know that. It started compiling resources after that have a login screen finally. 

You can not login using your social media account. So, either Login as a guest.

So, finally, we are here in the PUBG Mobile Beta Version and you have successfully downloaded pubg mobile beta version in android.

BETA versions are sometimes unstable, so it is better to take up the backup of your data.

Same initial setup procedure we get in PUBG Mobile Official Version. It may get repeated/frequent updates.

How to Download PUBG Mobile KR in Android:

You can install the Korean version of PUBG Mobile by following the same procedure in Android.

Only the BETA file to be downloaded from should be as 'PUBG Mobile KR'.
All other steps are exactly the same.

Conclusion: In this article we learned How to Download PUBG Mobile Beta Version on Android. If you feel this article is useful, please leave a comment regarding the installation. See you in the next article. Thank You


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