Why PUBG Mobile Banned in India - All About Pubg Ban

In this post I’m going to tell you Why PUBG Mobile banned in India & How can you play PUBG Mobile while Banned in India. You can still play PUBG Mobile using some tricks. Stay Tuned to know everything.

Why Pubg Ban in India Reason

Why PUBG Mobile Banned in India (Pubg Ban Reason)

Indian Government has banned around 120 Chinese Apps including PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite. Indians IT Ministry Said "They banned these apps for defence of India. They banned all these apps for security and to protect the cyber space. The Ministry of Electronics and Information India has received many complaints about stealing data. According to them these banned Chinese apps are stealing the data.

Before they banned 60 apps including TikTok. And now they banned 120 Apps for Mobile. You can still access PUBG Mobile or All other apps using VPN. Or elso you can use all these apps and games on your PC/Gaming Consoles.

According to new report they banned some very famous apps also like Baidu & WeChat.

Is PUBG Mobile Chinese App?

PUBG Mobile is not a Chinese App but it’s distributed and published by Chinese Tencent Giant. According to the IT report, more than 40 million users who plays PUBG Mobile in India.

When will PUBG Stop Working in India:

Indian Government started ban all the Chinese app from 2nd September but According to my research, still you can play PUBG Mobile via APK. They just delete PUBG from Play Store & App Store. So you can still play PUBG Mobile without VPN or Third Party App.

How to play PUBG in India after Ban:

There is two ways to Play PUBG Mobile while PUBG Mobile banned in India.

Step 1 - Is Pubg Banned in India for All Devices: You can play PUBG Mobile on PC or Gaming Console. Still, India didn’t banned PUBG on PC. May soon they will ban but you can still Play PUBG Mobile, Follow Step 2 to Play.

Step 2 - How to Play Pubg in India using VPN:  You can Play PUBG Mobile on Any Device using VPN. VPN is the virtual private network using vpn you can change your device location.

What to Do! Go to your App Store, search VPN, and download any vpn from App Store. After that open the vpn and click on Connect button. All you have done. After connecting the VPN you can acces PUBG Mobile or All others apps which banned.

Hope this information will help you. And don’t forget to share with your friends.

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