4K Gaming Nepal Pubg ID, Real Name, Age, Photo, Pubg Name and more

4k Gaming Nepal Pubg

Short Biography
Real NamePawan Jung Shahi Thakuri
Known as4k Gaming Nepal
Date of Birth31 March 1994 (27 Years Old)
Place of BirthSurkhet
PUBG Name4kGamigNepalYT
PUBG ID556134011
ClanUnited Mulato
Crew Name4k Gaming Nepal
Social Media                                                                                        
Instagram  4kgamingnepal
Email  Not Known 

4K Gaming Nepal Biography

In this post I’m going to tell you about 4k Gaming Nepal Biography. 4k Gaming Nepal’s real name is Pawan Jung Shahi Thakuri. He lives in Surkhet. Surkhet is the Capital of Karnali Province, Nepal.  4k Gaming Nepal was born at 23 March 1994 in Surkhet. He is 27 Years Old in 2020. His favorite hobbies are Playing Games & Gymming.

4k Gaming Nepal started his Youtube channel in 2017 October. He completed his first 100 subscribers in July 2018. Mostly he uploads videos of PUBG Mobile Game on his 4k Gaming Youtube Channel.

4k Gaming Nepal Photo

His clan name is United Mulato. He is the Leader of UnitedMulato Clan & his crew name is 4k Gaming Nepal. He has around 3.5 million popularity in Pubg. 

4k Gaming Nepal most famous video has around Half Million Views on Youtube. This video is about Pubg. And his second most famous video has around 490k views and this video is about Silver Play Button Unboxing.

4k Gaming Nepal PUBG ID

4k Gaming Nepal Pubg Id is 556134011 And 4k Gaming Nepal Pubg Name is 4kGamigNepalYT. It’s GAMIG not Gaming. 

4k Gaming Nepal Pubg Id Number

Lesser Known Facts about 4k Gaming Nepal

  • 4k Gaming Nepal is the most famous Gamer in Nepal. 
  • 4k Gaming Nepal plays PUBG Mobile on Emulator (PC).
  • He likes to Play Games & Gymming.
  • He is 27 Years Old.
  • He is married.
  • Does 4k Gaming smokes? Not Known
  • Does 4k Gaming Nepal drinks Alcohol? No

4k Gaming Nepal Instagram 

4k Gaming Nepal’s Instagram Id is 4kgamingnepal. He has around 55k followers on Instagram & he followed around 30 accounts. 

Most Searched Questions about 4k Gaming Nepal

Who is 4k Gaming Nepal?
Ans: 4k Gaming Nepal is the most famous Pubg Mobile Streamer in Nepal. He started Pubg Mobile streaming in 2018.

What is the real name of 4k Gaming Nepal?
Ans: His real name is Pawan Jung Shahi Thakuri.

Which device does 4k Gaming Nepal use?
Ans: PC

What is the net worth of 4k Gaming Nepal?
Ans: Not Known

4k Gaming Nepal Pubg Video (Most Famous)

4k Gaming Nepal’s Father Playing PUBG Mobile for First Time. This is the most famous Pubg video of 4k Gaming. 


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