Is PUBG Haram in Islam!

Is PUBG Haram or Halal

Is PUBG Haram in Islam?

A Person Question to the Muhammad Yousaf Banuri, He is the Imam of the Jamia Uloom Islamia. A person asked in a statement, Is PUBG Haram in Islam? Is person who plays a PUBG game is out of the of Islam and his marriage is no more? That is to say, they have stated all the rules that seem to come out of Islam.  Please guide me in this regard Is PUBG Haram or Halal in Islam!

Imam Answered/said, According to my information in a PUBG game, sometimes the game player has to worship in front of idols to gain power (sanhok), and the person playing the game has to worship his player in the game to gain power.  Bowing down to idols and worshiping idols is its own act, the player seen in the game is a reflection and interpreter of the same game player, and bowing down to idols while believing in a Muslim monotheism is shirk per deed  doing so will gradually get rid of the abomination of bowing down to idols, so it is not permissible to play this game, and it is shirk to gain power by bowing down to idols in a PUBG game, and the circle that intentionally does it. He will be expelled from Islam. And It’s necessary to renew the faith of such a person and marriage also.

And even if a person doesn’t commit any act of shirk in the game, PUBG is still not permissible to play because they agree to shirk and contains many other evils. So definitely PUBG Haram in Islam.

Dr Zakir Naik’s Bayan About PUBG Haram

A person from Kashmir question to Dr Zakir Naik, there is a very popular video game known as PUBG that is spreading all over the world and it has nowadays become an addiction to all people that everyone plays it continuously every day, recently the new updated version of this video game came out in which a person has to glorify idols in the game to gain repentant power, Is PUBG Haram or liked to play this kind of game, is it okay if any Muslim played this kind of game?

Unfortunately most of these video games they are the reason is that many of this video game they are mixed with elements which are prohibited in Islam I'll give a few examples for example there are video games which envision there all of the killing and the more number of people who kill to get more marks to get and you become a winner. Let’s discuss about is PUBG Haram in Islam!

According to the reports PUBG will lead to Harm activities directly or indirectly so such game surely should be prohibited and should try and keep your children away from PUBG, the full form of PUBG is player unknown battleground.

This game mainly involves killing the more you kill, you will get more points, and we have to save yourself and if you are the last person alive then you’re the winner.

There is the new version of PUBG, a person has idol worship in order to get weapons or get equipment which will help them to kill other people so this is going to the highest level shake murder so of course it's totally Haram beside the other aspect of murder of music of nudity etc.

So definitely PUBG Haram in Islam and try to stay from this kind of games.


  1. sir I only play TDM for time pass is it also Haram

    1. I think yes Because in TDM You also need to kill enemies to win

  2. Islam ko pubg jesi game se khatra ? Wah molvi sb wah subhanAllah ap k ilm pe

  3. Pubg is haram due to the risk of illegal activities but if we play in a specific time then can I be halal


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