Rogue Heist Download for Android APK (Best Alternative of PUBG Mobile)

How to Rogue Heist Download Android APK

Today I’m gonna tell you How to Download Rogue Heist for Android (APK). But before moving to main topic we will know about Rogue Heist Game in Details.

  • What is Rogue Heist
  • Rogue Heist for Android
  • Rogue Heist Release Date in Android
  • Rogue Heist Android Requirements 
  • How to Download Rogue Heist for Android APK

What is Rogue Heist

Rogue Heist is an intense third person shooter game that changes the way you always looked at a Heist. In Rogue Heist you can Team up for real time for 5v5 battle. 

Rogue Heist is offered by MPL (Mobile Premier League). Rogue Heist is developed in India. This is the best alternative of PUBG Mobile.

Currently, Rogue Heist only available in India.

Rogue Heist Android

In the Rogue Heist Android we have 5v5 Heist Mode to experience some adrenaline pumping matches. Every match has the different places and new strategies. Either you have to ace from the very beginning or try hard catching up. 

You can Battle against crew or also can go Solo to experience game modes. And Rogue Heist playing is much easier than mastering.

Rogue Heist Game Features

Rogue Heist is the Best Alternative of PUBG Mobile. This is specially made for Indians.
  • You can Team up for 5 vs 5 battle
  • Everyday New daily challenges to make the game more rewarding enjoyable for players
  • Climb to the top of the ranking boards to enter higher leagues 
  • Customize your specialist with striking skins 
  • You can buy character, gun skins, & emotes from the In Game Store
  • Night Mode has added to the map. It will switch randomly between day or night.
Rogue Heist Android APK Download

Rogue Heist Release Date in India for Android

Rogue Heist was released in 2020 at 16 October in India. And this is available for iOS and Android (Both Devices). You can download from Play Store and App Store.

Rogue Heist Android Requirements

  • Android 6.0 or Above
  • Ram 2 GB or Above
  • 900 MB Storage Required

How to Download Rogue Heist for Android APK

Follow all these steps to Download Rogue Heist for Android APK. 

Step 1: Go to this Link

Rogue Heist APK Download

Step 2: Click on Download APK button. Apk file will start downloading. 

Step 3: After downloading APK File. Open it

Step 4: Click on Install Button

Step 5: Allow Unknown Source from Settings

Step 6: Install the Rogue Heist Android Game

Step 7: Open it and enjoy

You have successfully Download Rogue Heist for Android APK. 

In this article we have learned How to Download Rogue Heist in Android (via APK File). I hope this article helpful for you. For more articles and updates about Rogue Heist Game stay tuned with us. And don’t forget to share. Thank you.

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