PUBG New State Best Graphics & Control Settings

In this article I’m gonna guide you about the Best Available Graphics Settings and Controls for PUBG New State. 

As you know, PUBG New State has finally launched. It launched a day ago on 11 November 2021 developed by PUBG Studios and launched by Krafton, Inc. 

It was revealed by PUBG in February with the amazing trailer and more than 50 Million Pre Oderderd at First Month. 

It's a great game for mid range devices and it's similar to Free Fire. Currently, there are not too much stuff like skins, outfits and only two maps but time to time they will add more amazing items and as well as new places too.

Best Settings for PUBG New State

Let’s go to these topics:
  1. Best Graphics Settings for PUBG New State & How to change graphics settings
  2. Best Controls Layout for PUBG New State with Code

PUBG New State Best Graphics

Here I’m going to show you the best graphics settings for PUBG New State with guide.

Let me show you how to change the graphics settings and set it to best max settings in PUBG New State.

Step 1: Click on the Three Dots Icon.

Step 2: Press Settings button

Step 3: Go to Graphics section

Step 4: These are by default graphics settings

Step 5: Change it to the max available settings on your device

Step 6: Click on Save button.

All you have done. Do you know! The max available FPS settings will decrease to lag issue for Low range devices.

PUBG New State Best Controls

According to my experience, these are the Best 4 Fingers Layout for PUBG New State.

Copy the below code and paste it to game controls settings. If you having any issue regarding to paste the code. Let me know in the comments section.

4 Finger Controls for PUBG New State

Code: UI-88878d2d-beee-4e46-ae0c-392d48df0931

Final Thoughts

Today, I have told you the best settings to increase your gaming experience and reduce lag for low range devices. See you soon with another new article and let us know the experience about the game. 

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