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Gtx Preet

Gtx Preet Punjabi PUBG Mobile Player - Here you can get Gtx Preet Pubg Biography, Gtx Preet Pubg Wiki, Gtx Preet Pubg ID, Gtx Preet Pubg Name, Gtx Preet Pubg Country. Gtx Preet Real Name, Gtx Preet Home, Gtx Preet Age and More.

Short Biography
Real NameInder Preet
NicknameGTX Preet
Place of BirthPunjab, India
PUBG NameGtxツPreet
PUBG IDDon't Know
K/D RationNot Known
Clan NameGTX
Social Media                                                                                        
Instagram  gtxpreetyt

gtx preet pubg

GTX Preet PUBG Player Biography

In this article, I’m going to tell you about Gtx Preet. He is the Indian Gamer His real name is Inder Preet. He was born in Punjab, India. Inder Preet is the founder of Gtx Preet Youtube Channel. He has up to 960k + subscriber on his youtube channel. His channel is very close to 1 million subscribers. He started his youtube channel on 05 September 2017. He got fame because of PUBG Mobile. He plays PUBG Mobile on emulator.  He is a well-known Youtuber in India. His PUBG clan name is GTX. Gtx Preet is the leader of GTX Clan. Lots of people subscribe his Youtube channel every day.
gtx preet is a punjabi youtuber.

Lesser Known Facts about GTX Preet

  • Gtx Preet is a Punjabi Youtuber.
  • He has a good friendship with Carry Minati.
  • He is married.
  • He is a very entertaining person.
gtx pree gaming channel

Most Searched Questions about Gtx Preet

Who is Gtx Preet? 
Ans: Gtx is a Punjabi Gamer. He is from Punjab, India. He is a famous because of PUBG Mobile. 

 What is the real name of Gtx Preet? 
Ans: Gtx Preet Real Name is Inder Preet.

Which phone/emulator does Gtx Preet use?
Ans: He plays PUBG Mobile on Emulator.

 How much does Gtx Preet earn?
Ans: Not Known

Gtx Preet Popular Videos

Below you can see the most famous video of Gtx Preet.

49 Kills - PUBG Mobile 


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    1. Ye sala randi khane m paida hua aur whi rehta h aur sun saale gtx k tatte Anurag bhdwe tu bhi

  2. Gtxpreet madarchod hai ye kaun batayega

    1. tu uska bchaa ha teri maa ko choda tha na isliye

    2. Bete papa ko ese gali dega na to tere gaad faat k haath m. Aajyegi 😂

  3. Pagi gurkirit nama keri friend request accpet karo

  4. East or west gtxpreet is best

  5. Itna kamaata hai.. tax bharta hai ki nahi? How has he not come under government radar?

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