Mr Jay Plays Biography, Age, Real Name, Country, Pubg ID, Face, Contact and More

Mr Jay Plays Biography

Mr Jay Plays Pakistani Youtuber - Here you can get all information about Mr Jay Plays such as Age, Real Name, Country, PUBG ID, PUBG Name, Date of Birth, Face, Contact No, Biography and Much More.

Short Biography
Real NameJahanzaib
NicknameMr Jay Plays
AgeDon't Know
Place of BirthLahore, Pakistan
PUBG NameMrJayPlays
PUBG IDDon't Know
K/D RationDon't Know
Social Media                                                                                        
Instagram  mrjayplays

Mr Jay Plays PUBG Player

Mr Jay Plays Biography

MrJayPlays is a Pakistani Youtube streamer and PC Gamer . He was born in Lahore , Pakistan . He currently lives in England . He founded his youtube channel in 2012 . He has now about 200k+ subscribers on his channel . He is famous for his PUBG and GTA 5 Gameplay . He is a Funny Streamer . He is well known youtube of Pakistan . His livestreams are always trending in Pakistan . His PUBG clan name is RAPTORS which is a big clan with more than 150+ members . His clan plays both Mobile and PC Games and have won many tournaments online . He organises pubg tournaments . His videos and livestreams are very fun to watch . His instagram ID is MrJayPlays.

Mr Jay Plays Pakistani PUBG Emulator Pllayer

Lesser Known Facts about Mr Jay Plays

  • MrJayPlays is a Pakistani Youtube Streamer.
  • He has good friendship with big youtubers like Ducky Bhai.
  • His favorite quote on livestream is Hutt BSDK.
  • He is the good sniper in PUBG Mobile.

Pakistani Youtuber

Jay Plays Popular Videos

These are some most famous videos of PLAYER.

1. Playing PUBG MOBILE with Ducky Bhai and JG Gaming 

2. 9 Years Old Pakistani Kid Trolling Youtubers in PUBG Mobile


  1. real name is JAHANZEB
    and he love pakistan and dont hate predator

  2. He is not jayplays his real nickname is Gayplays
    And also his favourite line is Ye Koi randikhana hai

  3. hie age is 40 and he loves doing parody of uncle majboor (mujhay phir shayari aa gayi aa) and rana saab pecho saata lao

  4. His pubg id is 526347774 and his real age is 29


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