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Levinho is a Swedish PUBG Mobile Player - Here you can get Levinho Biography, Levinho Pubg Id, Levinho Pubg Controls, Levino Pubg, Levinho Real Name, Levinho Pubg Country, Levinho Pubg Age, Levino Pubg Biography, and More.

Short Biography
Real NameBrahim
AgeDon’t Know
Place of Birth   Sweden
PUBG ID546590561
Not in a Crew
Controls3 Fingers + Gyroscope 
Device           iPhone 13 Pro Max
Social Media                                                                                        
Instagram  levinhopubg
Email  iamlevinho@gmail.com

Levinho PUBG Biography

In this article, I’m going to share information about Levinho And In the last I’m gonna share with you very interesting thing. Levinho is a Swedish Gamer. He is from Sweden. Levinho’s real name is Brahim. He is the famous because of PUBG Mobile Game. He upload and live streams on PUBG Mobile. 

He started his Youtube Channel on 24 January 2018. Now he has up to 5 Million subscribers on his Youtube channel. He plays PUBG on iPhone 13 Pro Max. He is a well-known PUBG Mobile Player. 

One Interesting Thing is he is the brother of Sevou. If you don’t know about Sevou. Sevou is a also famous PUBG Mobile Player with up to 2.5 Million Youtube subscribers.


Levinho Pubg ID Number is 546590561, his Pubg ID Name is M□Levinho and his flag is Sweden. 

Lesser Known Facts about Levinho

  • Levinho is a Swedish Youtuber.
  • His Youtube channel grow very fast.
  • He is the brother of Sevou.
  • He comes in most famous PUBG Mobile Players.
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Most Searched Questions about Levinho

Who is Levinho?
Ans: Levinho is a Swedish Gamer. He got fame because of PUBG Mobile.

What is the real name of Levinho?
Ans: His real name is Brahim.

Levinho Pubg Is From Which County?
Ans: Levinho Pubg is from Sweden.

Which phone/emulator does Levinho use?
Ans: He use iPhone 13 Pro Max.

How much does Levinho earn?
Ans: Not Known

Levinho Popular Video

Below you can see the most famous video of Levinho.

Solo Vs Squad 40 Kills by Levinho Pubg


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