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Sevou pubg wiki and biography
Sevou Sweden PUBG Mobile Player. Here you can get all information about Sevou such as Age, Real Name, Country, PUBG ID, PUBG Name, Date of Birth, Face, Contact No, Biography and Much More.

Short Biography
Real NameDon't Know
AgeDon't Know
Place of BirthSweden
PUBG NameSevou
PUBG ID5181866304
K/D RationNone
Clan NameM□Menace
Controls3 Fingers + Gyro Scope
Social Media                                                                                        
Instagram  iamsevou

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Sevou Pubg Player Biography

In this article, I’m going to tell you about Sevou. Sevou is the Swedish Youtuber. He is from Sweden. Sevou is the famous because of PUBG Mobile. He is the brother of Levinho. Levinho is also bery famous Pubg Mobile Player. Before Sevou plays PUBG on iPad but now he switched to iPad.

He started his youtube channel on 7 November 2018.  He has up to 6 million subscribers on his youtube channel. He is well-known PUBG Mobile Player. He uploads videos about PUBG Mobile Game. Lots of people subscribe to his Youtube channel every day.

Sevou Youtuber

Lesser Known Facts about Sevou

  • Sevou is from Sweden.
  • He is the very famous gamer in Sweden.
  • Sevou is the brother of Levinho.

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Most Searched Questions about Sevou

Who is Sevou?
Ans: Sevou is the famous pubg mobile player. He is from Swede. H is the brother of Levinho.

What is the real name of Sevou?
Ans: Not Known

Which device does Sevou use?
Ans: He use iPad to play PUBG Mobile.

How much does Sevou earn?
Ans: Not Known

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Sevou Popular Videos

This is the most famous video of Sevou.

New World Record 42 KILLS - Solo vs Squad


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  3. Masha Allah! LEVINHO Is a Muslim! SubhanAllah!

  4. Mashallah sevou real name is Mahmoud and he is a Muslim

  5. Replies
    1. yes he is muslim and he will stay that way inshallah if allah says so.

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