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Best Indian PUBG Mobile Player

Short Biography
Real NameNaman Mathur
Age23 Years Old
Place of BirthMumbai, India
PUBG NameSouLmorTaL
PUBG ID590211476
K/D RationDon’t Know
Clan NameSOUL
Controls4 Fingers Claw
Social Media                                                                                        
Instagram  ig_mortal

Soul Mortal PUBG Biography

In this article, I’m going to tell you about Soul Mortal. Soul Mortal is the most famous PUBG Mobile Player. Soul Mortal's real name is Naman Mathur. He was born in Mumbai, India. He is 23 years old. He is a very well-known PUBG Mobile Player in PUBG World. He plays PUBG Mobile on iPad. 

Mortal uploaded his first PUBG Mobile video on 20 June 2018. His Youtube channel name is Mortal. He started his Youtube channel on 23 September 2013. Naman Mathur is the owner of the Mortal Gaming Channel. It is the biggest gaming channel in India. He has up to 7 Million Subscribers on his Youtube channel which is a very high amount of subscribers. 

Mortal’s BGMI clan name is SOUL which is a very famous clan in India. Soul Mortal is the leader of the SOUL Clan. Soul Mortal’s SOUL clan participates in lots of PUBG Mobile tournaments and win those tournaments. Soul Mortal is the most liked PUBG Player in India. People watch his PUBG videos to learn PUBG Mobile. According to my research, Soul Mortal comes in PUBG Mobile Top 5 Players.

Mortal with his Soul Clan
Soul Mortal Clan

Soul Mortal with RRQ D2E and G9
Soul Mortal with RRQ D2E and G9

Lesser Known Facts about Mortal

  • Soul Mortal is an Indian Gamer.
  • He made his Youtube channel in 2013.
  • He won the PMCO India PUBG Mobile Tournament.
  • Official PUBG sent him a gift in 2019.
  • His favorite PUBG Mobile Player is Athena(Serioton).

Most Searched Questions about Mortal

Who is Mortal?
Ans: Mortal is the one of the most famous Indian Gamer. He has around 7 million subscribers and famous because of PUBG Mobile & BGMI.

What is the real name of Mortal?
Ans: Mortal’s real name is Naman Mathur.

Which phone does Mortal use?
Ans: iPad

How much does Mortal earn from Youtube in 1 Month?
Ans: About 2 Lac Indian Rupees 

Mortal’s Most Viewed Video

Below you can see the most famous video of Mortal.

51 Kills Record - PUBG Mobile

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