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Yanrique Wright PUBG Mobile Player
Yanrique Wright PUBG Mobile Player - Here you can get info about Yanrique Wright such as PUBG ID, Real Name, Face, Controls, Settings, Instagram and more.

Short Biography
Real NameYanrique Wright
NicknameYanrique Wright
Age21 Years Old
Place of BirthJamaica
PUBG NameM□Yanrique
PUBG IDDon't Known
K/D RationNot Known
Clan NameM□Menace
Controls4 Fingers Claw
DeviceiPhone 8 Plus
Social Media                                                                                        
Instagram  yanriquewright

Yanrique Wright PUBG

In this article, I'm going to tell you about Yanrique Wright. Yanrique Wright is a Jamaican Gamer. He is from Jamaica. Jamaica is a country situated in the Caribbean Sea. He was born in Jamaica on 18 July 1998. He is famous because of PUBG Mobile. Yanrique Wright uploads videos on youtube about PUBG Mobile on his youtube channel. He started his youtube channel on 7 January 2013. Yanrique Wright Gaming channel is a very famous gaming channel in Jamaica. Yanrique Wright is a very well known PUBG Mobile player. Do you heard about M Menace PUBG Clan! Yanriquw Wright is a leader of M Menace Clan. Let me tell you something interesting Izzo, Levinho, and Sevou (Famous PUBG Mobile Players) these are also in M Menace Clan. He has a very good friendship with Izzo. He did Conqueror in 1 week.
Jamaica PUBG Mobile Player Yanrique Wright

Lesser Known Facts about Yanrique Wright

  • Yanrique Wright is from Jamaica.
  • He didn't reveal his real name.
  • He is the leader of a famous M Menace PUBG Clan.
  • He has a good friendship with Izzo.
Yanrique Wright Face Revealed

Most Searched Questions about Yanrique Wright

Who is Yanrique Wright?
Ans: Yanrique Wright is a famous Jamaican PUBG Mobile payer.

What is the real name of Yanrique Wright?
Ans: According to my research his real name is also Yanrique Wright.

Where does Yanrique Wright live?
Ans. He lives in Jamaica. Jamaica is an Island in Caribbean Sea.

Which device Yanrique Wright use to play PUBG?
Ans: He uses the iPhone 8 Plus.

How much does Yanrique Wright earn from youtube?
Ans: Not Known

Yanrique Wright Popular Videos

These are some most famous videos of Yanrique Wright.

1. 34 Kills Solo vs Squad in FPP | Yanrique Wright | PUBG Mobile

2. Ghillie Suit Experiment Funny Video by Yanrique Wright

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