47 Khalifa ID, Pubg Name, Age, Real Name, Hometown, Logo, Tik Tok and more

47 Khalifa Pubg Logo

Short Biography
Real NameOsama Qayyum
Known as47 Khalifa
Place of BirthPeshawar
PUBG Name47〆KʜaʟiFa
PUBG ID5267813117
Clan47 Official
Crew NameNot in a Crew
Controls3 Finger + Gyro
DeviceiPhone 12 Pro Max
Social Media                                                                                        
Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/47clanofficial/
Twitter  https://twitter.com/47clanOfficial?s=09
Tik Tokhttps://vm.tiktok.com/J8VnKyk/

47 Khalifa Pubg

In this post I’m going to tell you about 47 Khalifa. 47 Khalifa is the famous Pakistani Gamer. 47 Khalifa’s real name is Osama Qayyum. He is 20 years old. He lives in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He got fame because of PUBG Mobile game. He has around 100k subscribers on Youtube. His most famous video has about 250k views on Youtube.

47 Khalifa plays Pubg Mobile on iPhone XR. He plays pubg mobile using 3 fingers claw + gyro always on. His clan name is 47. He is the leader of 47 Clan. 47 clan is the well known clan in Pakistan.

He has around 1.4 million popularity in Pubg Mobile. And he is also a famous tik toker. He has 200k followers on Tik Tok. 47 Khalifa tik tok id is 47_khalifa.

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Lesser Known Facts about 47 Khalifa

  • 47 Khalifa’s real name is Osama Qayyum.
  • He lives in Peshawar, Pakistan.
  • Mostly, he upload videos of 1 vs 1 Tdm.
  • Pakistani People call him King of Sniping.

Searched Questions about 47 Khalifa

Who is 47 Khalifa?
Ans: 47 Khalifa is the famous Pakistani Gamer. He upload videos of Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds.

What is the real name of 47 Khalifa?
Ans: His real name is Osama Qayyum.
Which device does 47 Khalifa use?
Ans: iPhone 12 Pro Max.

47 Khalifa’s Viewed Video

This is the most famous video of 47 Khalifa. It has around 250k views and 17k Likes on Youtube.


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