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PUBG Account For Sale

Pubg Mobile Accounts for Sale

If you're interested in finding PUBG Mobile account for sale then you are on the right place! PUBG STARS, we are trying our best to make it as simple as possible so with the help of our webpage everyone can buy or sell PUBG Mobile accounts. We offer for both platforms (iOS and Android) on our PUBG Mobile accounts for sale.

There are many reasons to buy PUBG Mobile account, it might be you're just starting out and would like to have some extra outfits,skins,etc. Maybe you don’t have much luck personally but you want a account there you have many stuff with high level account. It could be anything and we will help you with a wide range of accounts. This includes the PUBG Mobile accounts for sale or you can buy also.

For those people who wanting to sell PUBG Mobile accounts, There are many kinds of buyers who want different kind of stuff, when they are buying PUBG Mobile accounts. If you wish to buy or sell PUBG Mobile accounts then please contact us via below button. If you want to buy PUBG Mobile account then take a look at all the available options & select the your favorite one or which you feel would be best for you.

How to Buy or Sell PUBG Mobile Account

Simply you have to contact us on WhatsApp via below button for PUBG Account Sale or Buy. Before contacting us, please read carefully Terms & Conditions.


Terms & Conditions for Selling PUBG Mobile Account

  1. First we have to login and check your account
  2. When any buyer will reach out, We will inform you and sold that account and send you the payment

Note: Don’t change id password without informing.


Today in this post, i have explained How you can Buy or Sell PUBG Mobile Accounts in very simple steps.



  2. I'm sorry to hear that your account has been banned. However, once banned, it cannot be unlocked or bought back unless the banning duration finishes. If the duration is unacceptably long to you, you can create a new account instead to continue to play. Please do understand our sincerity to keep the fairness and balance of the game.
    Please note that any and all violations in the game including cheating, illegal plug-in, data-modifier, non-official client, malicious in-game behavior will lead to account ban once detected by the system.

  3. My pubg account has been banned for 10 yrs with no reasons, I did not do any violations. I do not know why it suddenly banned. First banned for one day then now 10 yrs. I have left with my UC and have spent a lot for my account. Please unban my accountšŸ˜­

  4. helloo do you sale veitname account

  5. I sell a 2 global accounts for 320$ first account is level 72 and second is 53 and glacier is included and upgradable weapon and car. 1000+ Valuable items and 100+ weapons.


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