Top 10 PUBG Players in Pakistan

Top 10 PUBG Mobile Players in Pakistan

In this article, we are going to discuss about the Top 10 PUBG Players in Pakistan.

As you know, PUBG Mobile Community is growing very fast. Every day there are new players are coming. As you know, recently some talented Pakistani PUBG Players participated in PUBG Mobile Official Leagues and performed very well. So nowadays everyone started his own YouTube channel and showing the glorious skills.

Nowadays Esport organizations are popping players from the Pakistan also. As you know PUBG Mobile is a very fast growing game, specially in Asia. It was released in 2018, and now it has around 1 billion users. 

PUBG Mobile is the 5th most played game in the World. In 2020 PUBG Mobile has earned around $1.5 billion.

Nowadays PUBG Mobile competition is much higher than before. Here we are going to share the list of Top 10 PUBG Mobile Players in Pakistan, according to their YouTube Subscribers.

Top 10 PUBG Players in Pakistan

Here is the list of Top 10 PUBG Mobile Players in Pakistan.

• Star Anonymous

Star Anonymous Pubg

Star Anonymous is the most famous PUBG Mobile Player from Pakistan. He has the most subscribers from all over the Pakistani players. His real name is Mubeen and he lives in Rawalpindi. He started his YouTube channel in 2017. He plays PUBG Mobile on iPad. Star Anonymous has his own clan. His clan name is STAR. 

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• Predator

Predator Pubg

Predator is the Professional Pakistani PUBG Mobile Player. He participated in PUBG Mobile Leagues. He is a very experienced competitive player. His real name is Zubair Khan, and he lives in Peshawar. He is the 2nd most famous PUBG Mobile Player in Pakistan. He has around 400k subscribers on YouTube. Predator’s PUBG Clan name is Fyme and he is the Leader of Fyme Clan. 

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• Legend Sam

Legend Sam

Legend Sam is the 3rd most famous Pakistani PUBG Mobile Player. He is the 1st person who started uploading PUBG Videos on TikTok. His real name is Sam Malik. He plays PUBG Mobile on iPhone 12 Pro Max. He lives in Islamabad. He started his YouTube channel in 2018, and he has around 150k subscribers on YouTube. Legend Clan is the famous PUBG Mobile clan of Pakistan. Legend Sam is the Leader of Legend Clan. Legend Clan is One of the Best Clan in Pakistan & it’s a very well known clan of Pakistan.

• 47 Khalifa

47 Khalifa Pubg

47 Khalifa is also a well known PUBG Mobile player in Pakistan. He is very expert in sniping. Mostly he uploads 1 vs. 1 TDM videos on his YouTube channel. His real name is Osama Qayyum and he lives in Peshawar. He plays PUBG Mobile on iPhone XR. He has around 200k + subscribers on Youtube, and He is the Leader of 47 Clan.

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• Cute Panda

Cute Panda Pubg

Cute Panda is the famous Pakistani PUBG Tik Toker and as well as YouTuber. He is 11 years old and he lives in Karachi. Cute Panda is the youngest competitive player in Pakistan. He got fame from Tik Tok. And now started his gaming channel on YouTube also. He has around 300k subscribers on YouTube. He plays PUBG Mobile on iPad. Cute Panda is the Leader of 2nd Roar Clan.

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• Mr Jay Plays

Mr Jay Plays

Mr Jay Plays is the Professional Gamer and Streamer from Pakistan.  His real name is Jahanzaib. He lives in London, United Kingdom. He made his YouTube channel in 2012. Now he has around 200k + subscribers on YouTube. He plays PUBG Mobile on PC. He has his own clan. Mr Jay Plays’s PUBG Clan name is Raptor. Raptor is the well known clan in Pakistan. He has very good friendship with Ducky Bhai.

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• Envy Plays

Envy Plays TikTok

Envy Plays is a PUBG Tik Toker from Pakistan. He has 1 Million + followers & Verified on TikTok. He has the Most Famous Pubg TikTok video top on the hashtag #pubgpakistan. His most famous video has 25 Million Views & 2.8 Million Likes on TikTok. There is not any other Pakistani PUBG Creator who has that much Likes on a single video.

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• Solo King

Solo King Pubg

Solo King is the well known PUBG Mobile player in Pakistan. His real name is Jawad Ali. He is from Pakistan but he lives in United Kingdom. Solo King has around 600k followers on TikTok. He plays PUBG Mobile on iPhone 11 Pro Max. Solo King’s PUBG Clan name is SOLOGAMING and He is the leader of the clan.

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• Doctor Pikachu

Doctor Pikachu Pubg

Doctor Pikachu is the most famous Pakistani Girl Streamer. He has around 230k subscribers on Youtube. Her real name is Syeda Mariyam. She lives in Lahore. She plays PUBG Mobile on iPhone 8 Plus. Her clan name is Doctorz, and she is the leader of Doctorz clan. She is the most famous girl PUBG player from Pakistan.

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• Ahmad Op

Legend Ahmad

Ahmad Op is the famous Pakistani PUBG Mobile Player. He is known as Legend Ahmad. He plays PUBG Mobile on iPad. Nowadays he started playing on Mobile also. Legend Ahmad’s real name is Ahmad Rana. He lives in Lahore. He started his Youtube channel in 2018, and he has around 300k subscribers on Youtube. Ahmad Op was the member of Legend Officials, Later he made his own Clan. His clan name is Legend Esports.

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• SP Joker

Sp Joker Pubg

SP Joker is a very well known PUBG Mobile player in Pakistan. His real name is Malik Ahmad. He lives in Sargodha. He has around 120k subscribers on Youtube, and uploads gameplay and crate opening videos. SP Joker is the Leader of SP Esports. SP Esports is the well known PUBG Mobile clan of Pakistan. He won the Crew Challenge S10 in FPP Asia. He plays PUBG Mobile on iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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